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Apr 8, 2019

We are spiritual beings within a body that have a soul. Each part of our being interacts with the others. We can experience harmony and peace inside if they all speak the same language.

But how? And what does that even really mean? Explore further on todays episode.


[Series: Believe Responsibly part 6]

Apr 3, 2019

If I believe something to be true, does that make it truth? What's the difference between belief and truth anyway? Today we explore the relationship between reality and truth, which actually begins at consciousness... 

[Series: Believe Responsibly part 5]



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Apr 1, 2019

Our actions, thoughts and words each reveal something unique... Learn how to navigate your mind with ease and end analysis-paralysis once and for all. (Kristin shares a real-life example of how this works, from a client dealing with procrastination.)


*Believe Responsibly is a series, with each episode building on the...